Friday, February 10, 2017

Top 10 Most Popular Books In The World

I did some internet surfing recently to see if I could find some inspiration for new blog topics this year along with some new books to add to my list. It got me thinking about what the most popular books ever are. Of course, if you Google this, you will get a lot of different answers.

So, I decided to try to take some of these varying responses and put together my own Top 10 list of the most popular books. These are all based on the number of copies sold over the past 50 years and there are some good ones on here! Amazingly enough, I’ve actually read every single book on this list so let’s just say I have good taste. How many have you read?

Full disclosure – this list purposefully excludes the Holy Bible as it is EASILY number 1 on every list with almost 4 billion copies sold. My list here focuses on mainstream literature.

Here we go:

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