About Me

Depending on the time of day, one might say that I simply aspire. My biggest dream is to see my novel come to life and see it on a bookstore shelf one day. My biggest fear is failure but is only a fear because it is not an option. I love books, I love my 2 little dogs and I love wine. Put all these together with my wonderful husband and you have the possibility for a great life. Follow me along this journey as I bring my story to life!

About the Wines - While I would never turn down a nice, expensive bottle of wine, I don't usually splurge on many myself. I try to keep all of the wines featured on this blog under $20/bottle. I really aim to come in at under $15. There are a ton of wines at this price point that are absolutely delicious! I also will focus a lot on Virginia wines. Since I have so many amazing wineries in my backyard, I try to promote local!


  1. I am also currently writing my first novel. I wish you all the luck in the world! I followed you through bloglovin' if you could check out my blog and maybe follow me back... I would appreciate it.


  2. Thanks Carrie - good luck! I followed you back. :)