Friday, October 7, 2016

Wine and Donuts

As y’all have seen on my blog previously, I love getting my friends together for crazy, fun wine and food pairings like Halloween candy and Girl Scout cookies. Recently, a local winery held a Wine and Donut pairing event. I immediately said I was going to attend on Facebook before realizing that I would be out of town. I was so distraught and thought about cancelling my plans so that I could attend. Then I realized that I could hold my own wine and donut night and OF COURSE my friends would come!

Let me tell you, friends – it was glorious.

We had a dozen delicious, gourmet donuts from Sugar Shack including Samoa, strawberry lemon, blueberry, salted caramel and double chocolate chip. If you are in Richmond, I’m sure you’ve had these donuts. If you are in Richmond and you haven’t – stop what you are doing (no wait, finish reading first) then go visit Sugar Shack immediately.

There were some suggestions that we found on Google on what sort of wine to pair with the donuts but we mostly made it up as we went along.

The first thing I want to brag on a bit is my table set up. It was ADORABLE. And really very simple too! A simple tablecloth and table runner sprinkled with some wine corks and a cute mason jar filled with flowers and PRESTO. The perfect table!

I knew that mostly sweeter wines were going to pair well with the donuts so we tried to stick to that theme for the most part. We had these cute little cans of Flip Flop fizzy white wine and they were so surprisingly good! The Moscato, Rosé and chocolate infused wine (along with the fizzy white) were the favorites of the evening.

Some of the chocolate flavored, heavier donuts were a bit trickier to pair with a wine. We had a Sangiovese that held up pretty well but the lighter, white wines were a better match.

The winning pairing was the strawberry and lemon donut paired with the fizzy white or the Moscato – so good!

I highly recommend using this as a great excuse to get your friends together, drink some wine and eat donuts – totally guilt free!

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