Saturday, October 22, 2016

Hallo-wine - Serve Up the Spookiest Wine on the Block

I’m going to be honest here – Halloween is not my most favorite holiday of the year. I’m not really into scary stuff and this holiday just seems to give people a license to act really stupid. Like perhaps how I should really be in therapy over the creepy clown that was chasing people around a parking lot a couple years ago. Or, the out of control 8-year old that followed my friend and I (and her small infant) down the sidewalk dragging a REAL machete on the concrete. NOT OKAY PEOPLE.

Anyway, once I discovered that I can just stay inside (or make a quick run for it over to a nearby friend’s house and then stay inside) and drink wine and eat tons of candy, I was more OK with Halloween. So, here are a couple of suggestions on how to really “spook” up your wine at this year’s Halloween bash.

The second that I saw this tutorial, I knew that I had to make this happen. How adorable is this!? I mean come on, wine out of a pumpkin? Amazing. If anyone has done this already - let me know!!

This is a super easy and cheap crafty way to spook up your party tables. These little mummy’s are so cute! All it takes is some medical tape and big googly eyes that are hot glued onto the bottle and – voila! Awesome little wine bottle mummy.

Spooky Wines

There are some great Halloween themed wines out there so here are a few of my suggestions.

Grey Ghost Winery Chardonnay – when I started thinking Halloween, I immediately thought of a winery right here in my backyard. The name screams Halloween (haha…get it?) and the wine is delicious.

Vampire Pinot Noir – you seriously can’t go wrong for Halloween with a wine called Vampire. And, it actually tastes good!

The Velvet Devil Merlot – again, how perfect is this name!? I couldn’t resist this one. It’s not your typical Merlot but you’ll find a bit of sweetness and bit of spiciness – and just a little bit of devil.

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