Thursday, October 27, 2016

Carter Mountain and Bold Rock Cider

One of my favorite fall activities is to head out to the mountains and pick apples. We have this great orchard that’s only an hour from our house that we go to every year – Carter Mountain Orchard. This year has been really awesome, we’ve made 3 trips up there!

The views from the top of the mountain are simply fabulous and you really can’t beat fresh picked apples right off the tree. We bought a ton of apples this year so that I can make all of the apple recipes that I pinned to my Pinterest board. Apple bread, apple muffins, apple crisp, apple snickerdoodles and applesauce. Whew!

Besides the apples, the absolute BEST reason to go visit Carter Mountain is for their apple cider donuts. I seriously cannot even express to you in words how amazing these donuts are. They are made on site and you get them hot and fresh. It’s ridiculously easy to eat an entire dozen. I tell myself this is OK because the holidays are coming soon and I might as well just start the unhealthy eating habits now. Pair these donuts with a cup of their hot cider and you may never want to leave.

My other favorite part of Carter Mountain (which is relatively new) is the Bold Rock Cider tasting room. It’s this cool cellar where you can get a tasting of all the different hard ciders that Bold Rock has to offer.  They are a local cidery which is cool and they always have new seasonal flavors. It’s fun to grab a pint and hang out at the picnic tables with lunch and just enjoy the views.

If you get the chance to go visit them – take it. I know you’ll love it!

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