Monday, May 16, 2016

Royal Flush

Royal Flush by Rhys Bowen
Publisher - Berkley
Publish Date - September 2010
Genre - Mystery
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I think part of what keeps reading exciting for me is the fact that my literary preferences seriously span the entire spectrum of genres. There really are only a few exceptions that I tend to shy away from (horror, true trashy romances and I don’t read much non-fiction).

Most of the time, I enjoy books that challenge me, make me think and truly draw me in to a world unlike the one I live in every day. Sometimes though, I really want a light, breezy read that doesn’t require much thinking. This series by Rhys Bowen – Her Royal Spyness – has been the perfect find to fill that hole on my bookshelf. Check out my review on the first book in the series too!

Royal Flush is the 3rd of 10 books and I’m still hooked on the quirky, hapless character that is Lady Georgianna. It’s British humor at its dry, glorious best and I can’t get enough of it. In this latest edition, we find that Georgie has been sent back home to Scotland after the latest scandal threatens to tarnish the great royal name. Her housecleaning business has slowed for the season so she decides to hire herself out as a theater and dinner companion. Her ad puts forth quite the wrong impression so in order to lay low and avoid further embarrassment, back to Scotland she goes.

Georgie’s mission while home is two-fold. First, is to keep a promise to Her Majesty and prevent a loose divorcee houseguest from seducing her son, the Prince of Wales. Second, is to keep an eye on a shooting party for Scotland Yard to prevent someone from shooting the Prince. With Georgie’s na├»ve, clumsy ways, she gets herself into pickle after pickle and her top secret mission is threatened to be revealed.

The entire cast of motley characters I’ve grown to love in the first two books make their appearance in this novel as well which really rounds out the entire fiasco that is Georgie’s life. The plot is fresh and the writing style remains light and fun and witty. It will keep you laughing and rooting for Georgie the whole way through – but it also keeps you guessing as only a true whodunit can. You’ll finish this one in no time!

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