Friday, May 20, 2016

Wine Festival Fun!

As I mentioned in my previous post - it's wine festival season! Last Saturday, we went to one of our favorite festivals, the Central Virginia Wine Festival.

This was our 3rd year in a row attending and we always have a great time. There's always a manageable number of wineries to visit, never too many people and it's always very well organized. This festival is sponsored by the Virginia Chapter of the Virginia Tech Alumni Association so each year we attend with our Hokie friends!  

If you live anywhere on the East Coast, you know how miserable May has been weather-wise so far. We were really hoping Mother Nature would be on our side - and she was! We ended up having a good solid 4 hours of beautiful weather before it poured rain.

There was a great mix of wineries this year with some of our favorites alongside a few that we had never tried before. Trying new wineries is my favorite part of wine festivals. The lineup this year included Byrd Cellars, Delfosse Vineyards, Hunt's Vineyard, Rebec Vineyards, Horton Vineyards and Elk Island Winery. 

We ended up bringing home just 2 bottles with us this time. It might be a new record. I have so much wine at my house - I really need to do a better job of consuming it so I can buy more! We brought home a bottle a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon from Elk Island and the Deer Rock Farm Red Blend from Delfosse. It's rare to find a good Cab Sauv in VA so we were excited to find this one! It's smooth and bold but not too dry or heavy. My husband is way more of a fan of Cabs than I am but even I liked it!

In addition to wine, there are always so many fun vendors at festivals like this. Our favorite VA peanut company - Plantation Peanuts of Wakefield was there and we of course had to buy a 3-pack of peanuts. They are so delicious and have tons of varieties to choose from. We got cashews, roasted redskin and sweet & spicy. Caramel apple are also favorites that we've gotten in the past. You can't beat 'em!

I have to look at the calendar to see what our next festival is but, we do have a fun trip planned to my favorite VA winery next Friday - Pippin Hill. I can't wait to share it with you!

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