Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Winery Wednesday - Pippin Hill Winery

I am extremely lucky to live in a state that offers so many wineries right in my backyard. Not only do we have a ton of wineries in Virginia - but we have GOOD wineries. Seriously people, we are the next Napa Valley. Except more like Sonoma County. Just you wait and see.

If you have never gotten the opportunity to come out to Virginia's wine country, make the trip. It's worth it. Trust me. Do it. Unless you don't like wine and in that case, come anyway and be the DD.

At last count (read: last Google search), Virginia had over 250 wineries. My goal is to get to all of them one day. It's a lofty goal, I know.

For my first ever Winery Wednesday Feature, I wanted to talk about my absolute FAVORITE winery in the entire state of Virginia - 

Pippin Hill, located in Charlottesville, VA is so incredibly beautiful and really showcases the magical qualities of the Blue Ridge mountains. Not only do they offer incredible wines, but they have top notch gourmet cuisine too at their Farm Table. I mean - look at that photo, it's amazing!

If you can get past the stunning entrance, you are welcomed into a warm, inviting tasting room with a hand carved bar. All the decor is the perfect blend of rustic and elegant and make you just want to stay and hang out for a while. They also offer an outdoor patio and tasting bar, which is my personal favorite spot.

The food at their Farm Table is delicious, beautiful and vineyard-to-table. Their menu changes with
the seasons but is always full of artisan creations, gourmet "bar snacks" like hand cut french fries and sliders and yummy cocktails.

Of course, you cannot visit Pippin Hill and sit out overlooking the valley without a glass of wine in your hand. I honestly have not had a wine from Pippin Hill that I didn't like, but I do have my favorites. The wine I always have to buy a bottle of when I'm visiting is their Red Pump. It's a lighter
red that sips really easy. You can even chill it down to enjoy on hot summer days. I also really enjoy their Rose which I featured as a pairing with one of my previous book reviews.

Pippin Hill is an amazing venue for special events, like weddings, or just an awesome party. They've had their share of celebrities throw parties at their vineyard - most recently, country singer Jana Kramer got married there!

Whether you are looking for a wedding venue, or you just want to visit a beautiful winery in the heart of Virginia, Pippin Hill is a must.

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