Thursday, December 1, 2016

Gifts for Wine Lovers

The holidays will be here before you know it so it’s time to get your list done and start shopping. Though, if you are anything like me, if you haven’t started shopping by now, you are legit losing your mind. IT WILL NEVER GET DONE AND EVERYONE WILL GET APPLEBEES GIFT CARDS.

What do I do when holiday shopping gets me stressed? Open a bottle of wine, of course! Now, I’m not condoning drinking as a coping mechanism but let’s be real. It calms you down. While sipping on some red the other day, I was thinking about Christmas. And what better way to kick off the season than with some gifts perfect for the wine lover on your list. Or for yourself. Probably for yourself.

YOU. GUYS. I don’t even need to say anything about these socks. They are amazing and you need them right now. Hopefully I have a loved one reading this blog and is going directly to the site to purchase them for me. *hint hint*

If you’ve read anything else on this blog, you know I love a fun and fancy wine tasting. This little set is perfect for your own at home tastings!

If there’s anything more relaxing than a glass of wine, it’s a glass of wine while in a hot bath. Have you ever knocked your glass of wine over and into the tub? No? Just me? Well, then just buy this so it doesn’t happen to you or someone you love.

This is a perfect go-to gift for a wine lover. Get them a nice one, like this though. No one wants a dollar store wine decanter. Splurge a little bit people.

You can’t go wrong with a fun graphic tee like the one below. It’s cute, practical and funny. Any wine lover would love to have this in their lives. Not that I’m hinting again here…just sayin.

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