Friday, November 11, 2016

Book Review - The Lake House

The Lake House by Kate Morton
Publisher - Atria Books
Publish Date - October 2015
Genre - Fiction
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My Rating:

My review of this book has been a long time coming. Since Kate Morton is one of my favorite authors, I’m a bit disappointed in myself that I didn’t do this one sooner! I had waited with bated breath for The Lake House to be released. I’ve loved every book of hers and I knew this one was going to be good.

In true Kate Morton fashion, this novel takes you through time as you follow along story lines of impossibly intertwined destinies. The Lake House tells the story of Alice Edevane who lives on her family’s estate in Cornwall, England. Her story begins during her teenage years when one evening after a party, her baby brother Theo disappears. This even tears the family apart and leads Alice to learn secrets about her family that she never could have imagined.

The present story line picks up decades later with Alice living in London and introduces Sadie Sparrow, a young London detective. While on leave from the force, she is staying with her Grandfather in Cornwall. She stumbles upon the old Edevane estate and the detective in her must discover the secrets the estate is hiding. Sparrow sets off to solve the mystery of the Edevane estate which inevitably intertwines her story with Alice’s and they both learn the truth about events that happened long ago but most definitely shape their futures.

Like her other novels, The Lake House transports you away to another world and makes you feel as though you are right there with Alice and Sadie as their story unfolds. It’s full of suspense and plot twists that you’ll never see coming. Once I started reading, I truly couldn’t put it down. Just like Sadie Sparrow, I needed to know what the Edevane family secrets were. I’m not going to give the ending away, but I was a bit disappointed in how it all came together after such a suspenseful ride to the finish. It was all a bit too tidy in my opinion. Now, even though that was my feeling about how the story ended, I do not regret reading the book one bit. It was still an exciting, unexpected adventure!

You’ll want a wine that wraps you up in warmth, but doesn’t take too much thought to enjoy. This is one of my go-to wines and it’s a perfect pairing with this novel. With flavors of raspberry, caramel and little bit of oak, this wine will stand up to the suspense but keep you calm all the way through.

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