Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Winery Wednesday - First Colony

When I stop to think about it, I feel like I’ve visited my fair share of wineries around Virginia. But the truth is, I’ve barely scratched the surface! There are over 250 wineries in Virginia and (if I can remember them all correctly) I’ve visited (or tasted wines from) about 57 different wineries. Crazy!

My Winery Wednesday feature today is one of my favorites that never disappoints – First Colony Winery.

First of all, this place is beautiful. It’s nestled away in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains and is an unexpected little oasis. They remodeled in 2013 and the new building, complete with thatched roof is perfectly European. The tasting room is small, unassuming and perfectly cozy.

So, enough about the design right? What about their wines!? Well, those are delicious! From their whites to rosé to reds, I haven’t come across one that wasn’t on point taste wise.

My absolute favorite wine from First Colony is their Claret. It’s a lighter bodied red wine a bit on the sweeter side. I love this wine because it is so versatile and an easy crowd pleaser. It tastes good chilled or room temperature making it the perfect year-round wine.

I also love their rosé. It’s the perfect summer picnic wine that pairs perfectly with a plate of cheese and charcuterie. It’s light but not too sweet and bursting with yummy citrus flavors.

Since summer is sadly drawing to a close and I’ll begin pulling out my drier, fuller bodied red wines, I will also mention their Meritage. It’s dry without being to biting on the tongue and has a slight spiciness to it that I just love. It’s just right to hold up to some of your heartier fall meals.

Speaking of fall – this is the perfect time to head out to the mountains of Virginia to check them out in person. Once the leaves start changing, it’s a magical place to be!

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