Saturday, July 9, 2016

SkinnyPop and Wine - Love at First Bite

Wine. Seriously. Goes. With. Everything. 

I love doing crazy wine and food pairings with my wine loving friends like Wine and Girl Scout Cookies or Wine and Halloween Candy.

When I heard my friends over at SkinnyPop had a new graphic about wine and popcorn pairings, I knew I had to get in on this. I LOVE SkinnyPop popcorn and pretty much always have a bag of the original flavor on hand. At just under 40 calories per cup you can binge on an entire bag and not feel guilty - really! 

What I did not know however, was how many other popcorn flavors they had. I immediately went on a search for the dark chocolate dusted flavor. I found it at Kroger and a small light shone down from heaven.

Typically, I would get all my friends together and really do this tasting up right. But honestly, my couch was calling my name and I couldn't say no. Somehow the couch seems most fitting for a pairing like this.

After finding the dark chocolate, I had 3 varieties on hand - original, white cheddar and dark chocolate. Since this was literally going to just be my husband and I eating and drinking, I felt like 2 bottles was a good amount (we wouldn't drink ALL of that ourselves...never). I went with Green Fin, a white table wine and Alamos, my go-to Malbec.

The Green Fin is chardonnay-like so it paired really well with the original flavor. I didn't hate it with the white cheddar, but preferred the Malbec (duh, thanks graphic!). It could be that I just really love Alamos Malbec but I personally thought that this wine was the perfect companion to all 3 flavors! 

So go out, grab yourself a bag (or 3) of SkinnyPop, your favorite bottle of wine and settle in for a wonderful evening of delicious binging! 

Do you love popcorn and wine together too? What are your favorites? Let me know!

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