Monday, May 18, 2015

Tail's From Cyprus - Kirk Bertram

Tail's From Cyprus
After a brief hiatus for a much needed vacation – I’m back! The great thing about a relaxing beach vacation is that it gave me plenty of time to really knock out some reading. Now I’ve got some good reviews to send your way!
First up is actually a book that I finished right before I left for our trip. Tail’s From Cyprus was an interesting read for me because I am friends with one of the people in the book! That is most definitely a first for me. This novel takes you on a voyage around the world with Emmy, Linz, the Captain and their two cats Snowy and Liza. The entire story is told from the point of view of Liza who is a very smart cat!
The family rescued Liza as a small kitten from the shores of Cyprus when they were docked there as part of their 5-year trip around the world. Liza quickly learns how to live life at sea and she and Snowy get into all sorts of adventures together. Not only does the story describe the cat’s daily life, but it catalogs the human’s journey as well – their struggles, successes and what life is like living on a 45-foot boat.
Liza’s story takes you from the island of Cyprus, across the Atlantic and eventually to Richmond, VA where she settles in to her “mainland” life with the family. This story did leave me a bit torn because I really wanted to hear more details about the family’s adventures at each port they traveled to. When you think about it though, since it’s told from the cat’s perspective, it makes sense that only a certain amount of detail can be shared since Liza rarely traveled off the boat. If you can make peace with that, then I think you'll enjoy the story.
This is a heartwarming, light-hearted story told from a very unique perspective. If you have a good imagination and love animals, get your copy and follow along on Liza’s journey.
Rating: Good 7 out of 10

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