Friday, January 16, 2015

Trash the List

I've been pretty mad at myself lately over this blog. Mad about how quickly I lost interest in writing these posts. But mostly, mad about how unmotivated I was to pick the next book off this list.
Tonight, I had a very life-centering moment while wandering alone around the bookstore. I love the bookstore. Yes, I have a Kindle but it will never, ever take the place of those beautiful pages bound together between a bright and glossy cover.
It was as I picked up book after book, relishing in the titles, the covers, the colors and the mystery that I had my realization about this blog. I love lists. I make lists for my lists and write things on my lists just so I can cross them off. But you know what I realized? I love MY lists. Only my lists. Not anyone else's lists.
No one else except me knows why I decided on the purple sweater today over the blue one. No one else except me knows why the jar of face cream has to be in the EXACT right spot on the shelf in the bathroom. No one else except me knows why I picked up the book with the girl and the umbrella on the cover over the one with the strange looking man poking his head out of a train car. So why in god's name am I letting someone else decide what books I need to read before I die. It's insanity.
Therefore, this blog is being re-born. The List is getting trashed. Here, I will write about the books that I have decided to read and share everything good and everything bad about each and every one of them. I hope that all of you reading this post will continue to follow along. And I hope that you find my reviews interesting, entertaining and informative. But most of all, I hope it helps you make your own decisions about what book you pick up next and dedicate precious hours towards reading. And I hope you'll share those with me as well.
Books are a magical place and even the bad ones should bring you nothing but joy.

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